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TCL T505 Ant 4G Smartphone - Blue

TCL T505 Ant 4G Smartphone - Blue

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TCL T505 Ant 4G Dual Sim 128GB 6.75" Screen

6.75 HD+ Display with 90HZ High Refresh Rate
Experience crisper clarity and deeper detail on the 6.75" FHD+ screen while gaming, streaming, and
browsing online. The 90 Hz refresh rate ensures smoother scrolling, swift swiping, and faster navigation
through tabs and windows. The NXTVISION technology delivers richer colors, sharper contrast, and higher
eye comfort. Dual speakers deliver louder, and more accurate acoustic sound.

4+4GB RAM Expansion with 128GB Large Storage
With 4+4GB memory expansion, run more tabs, windows, and apps in the background and switch
between them seamlessly. Enjoy more space to store, record, and collect your favorite media, memories,
and apps. Experience a smoother visual experience while gaming and streaming, thanks to the NXTURBO
technology and G36 Octa-core chipset. Uninterrupted entertainment and multitasking throughout the day.

50MP Hybrid Camera with Main & Macro
50MP Hybrid Camera offers superior image quality, versatility, and convenience compared to regular
50MP cameras. Elevate your photography game and capture moments with unrivaled clarity and creativity,
especially in the macro mode experience

Ultra-thin Stylish design with skin-friendly pattern
The ultra-thin design exudes trendy vibes and aesthetics. The smooth, skin-friendly finish
offers both comfort and durability.

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