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Pitaka - MagEZ Case for iPhone XS 5.8" - Black / Grey Twill

Pitaka - MagEZ Case for iPhone XS 5.8" - Black / Grey Twill

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MagEZ Case for iPhone XS 5.8"

3D Grippy Skin
A pleasant, non-slip texture is added by vacuum forming, along with a baby soft coating. So you'll never want to let it go. Best of all, it's not at all slippery.

Wireless Charging Friendly
The metal plates inside are placed elaborately and do not interfere with your wireless charging.


  • Metal plates inside to be attachable to the PITAKA magnetic car mount
  • Made of 100% aramid, a high-tech luxury material for body armor, aerospace, supercars
  • Weightless feel less than 14g. One of the lightest cases on the planet
  • Extremely Thin. A slim profile of 0.85mm only
  • Extraordinary scratch resistant, grippy, non-slippy coating
  • Ridiculously durable and incredibly strong. 5 times stronger than steel at the same weight
  • No interference to WIFI, GPS, Apple Pay, Wireless charging or your signals

Please note that this product may interfere with pacemakers, defibrillators and other implants that might respond to magnets and radios. If you have such medical condition, please do not buy or use this product and use only non-magnetic accessories.

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