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imoo Z6 Smart Watch Phone 4G Dual Camera - Purple

imoo Z6 Smart Watch Phone 4G Dual Camera - Purple

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imoo Z6 Smart Watch Phone 4G Dual Camera

  • 2-Way Phone Call
    Limit contact to only preset contacts with “reject unknown call” feature.
  • 2-Way Video Call
    Enjoy face to face video conversations with your child at any time.
  • Chat & Family Chat
    Message with your child from the imoo APP and share in their daily activities! Texts, Voice Messages, Emojis, Photos, and Short Videos can be sent both ways.
  • The World’s First Front and Rear Dual Camera
    The innovative flip camera design simplifies video calls, you can switch from one camera to another from the imoo APP while having video call with your child.
  • Real-time Locating
    Satellite-GPS, Base Station (BS), Acceleration Sensors, A-GPS, Wi-Fi, and GLONASS.
  • Security Guard
    Set pre-defined areas’ Wi-Fi from the imoo APP to receive messages when your child enters or leaves an area such as school or home.
  • Movement Status Monitoring
    With the imoo APP, you can not only find your child’s location, but also their movement status.
  • ‘Class Mode’ for Undisturbed Learning
    Define your child’s class time and duration from the imoo APP to set up ‘Class Mode’ during school hours. During class hours the imoo Watch Phone Z6 will act like a regular watch with only urgent calls to and from the administrator.
  • Photography of the Most Flagship Dual Camera Watch Phone
    The customized high resolution camera (up to 8MP) on imoo Watch Phone Z6 ensures clear photos and video calls. The sapphire crystal, and anti-fingerprint coating makes it durable for even the most active kids.
  • Swimming Water Resistant
    The swimming water-resistant of imoo Watch Phone Z6 not only presents a leap in water-resistant technology, but also life scenes of all children. With the swimming water-resistant technology, your child can wear imoo Watch Phone Z6 while washing hands or swimming.
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