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imoo Z1 Kids Smart Watch Phone - Grapefruit Red

imoo Z1 Kids Smart Watch Phone - Grapefruit Red

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imoo Z1 Kids Smart Watch Phone 4G

  • 2-Way HD Video Call
    Make video calls with your kids anytime and anywhere,not only by checking their status but also knowing their location.
  • Accurate Locating, Balancing Independence And Safety
    Kids are eager for the freedom to explore the world by themselves or with their friends as they gradually grow up. But as parents, we are always too worried to let them go! imoo Watch Phone Z1, with Real-time locating and Navigate to Child’s Location, allowing you let them go with more confidence!
  • Daily Step Goal, Encourage a Healthier Living
    Completing the set daily step goal can encourage a healthier lifestyle Competing steps within friends can encourage kids to exercise more.
  • IPX8, Better Spill And Splash Resistance
    With specially selected water-resistant materials, imoo Watch Phone Z1 enables kids to enjoy fun, playing with water.
  • Class Mode, 0% Distraction, 100% Concentration
    With Class Mode, it can not only act as a high-tech device daily that keeps kids safe on the way to school, but a simple watch during classes that can avoid disturbance and keep kids focused. Parents can define class period and selectively enable or disable it, ensuring 0% distraction and 100% concentration.
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